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The ninth ATLAS Hadronic Calibration Workshop will be held in Chicago, Illinois, USA from the 23rd to 26th of September, 2013. This is the ninth workshop in a series that started at CERN in July 2005 and was followed by Munich (2006), Milano (2007), Tucson (2008), Lisbon (2009), Pisa (2010), SLAC (2011), and Grenoble (2012).

The workshop will begin on Monday the 23rd of September at 9:00 AM with an introductory session, followed by three and a half days of sessions addressing the most important topics of the hadronic calibration at ATLAS. The format of the workshop follows the tradition of the previous workshops with emphasis on discussions. Based on the material submitted, the session conveners will guide the discussion. The focus of this year's workshop is to review the calibration and analysis strategies of the 2012 data and to discuss, prepare, and organize for the calibration of hadronic final state objects at very high luminosity, above 1e34, at the 13 TeV LHC in 2015.

The fee for the workshop is $200 ($100 for graduate students) prior to July 22nd and includes the cost of the boat tour on the Chicago River. After July 22nd, the fee will increase to $250. This fee does not include lunches or dinners, and the fee for the Workshop Dinner ($70) is paid separately.

Please note!

It is suggested that all foreign citizens who are not residents of the US check on their visa requirements well ahead of time. Please make sure you prepare any needed paperwork, or travel authorizations (ESTA) for citizens of countries under the visa waiver program, as early as possible! Due to the present federal budget restrictions, approvals may take longer than usual. Please contact us if you need an invitation letter. We can also try to help with specific questions but invite you to check the internet resources first.